Doctor of the Future


It is often debated if this quote was actually said by Thomas Edison.  The people over at Snopes tracked it down to an interview that Thomas Edison gave about what his predictions were for the future in 1902.  

This quote seems to be tailor-made for the chiropractic profession because it really hits the heart of what chiropractic should be!   Chiropractors should address the human frame and look to what might be causing the dysfunction of the spine and, to properly do this, we need to look to the diet. The interesting thing to me is that Edison was talking about diet even before Upton Sinclair wrote: “The Jungle” exposing much of the abuses in the processing of the food consumed then and today. 

And, the sad part to me, is that the modern processed food movement that has taken hold of our gastronomy is much more destructive to our health than in Sinclair’s time.  

The impressive part was that Edison knew even then that mass production and processing of food were screwing us up! Chiropractors have used this quote for over 90 years thinking they were the doctor of the future. 

In my opinion, the knowledge and technology didn’t exist to properly and easily assess the bodies frame or diet which would've helped to ultimately find the cause of dysfunction and remove the stumbling blocks to health. 

Applied Kinesiology gives us the tools to be the doctors of the future!  I personally believe that Applied Kinesiology gives me the tools through your nervous system and the manual muscle test to be the doctor Edison was speaking of. 

Applied Kinesiology allows me to more effectively determine where and what is causing the subluxation and dysfunction in the body, whether it is a nutrient deficiency that causes an imbalance in a muscle that then causes a vertebral subluxation or an emotion that doesn’t allow a correction to hold.

If Thomas Edison, “the wizard of Menlo Park”, was alive today I believe he would say that the doctor of the future is here and can help you reach your ultimate health goals.

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